Workshop on AI and IoT for flow modeling

Friday 20th November 2020

The workshop is organized as part of the Indo-Dutch project, “Digital Twins for pipeline transport networks”. The aim of the project is to develop a digital twin that connects sensor data and advanced fluid solvers in order to detect possible leakage of fluid from the pipeline in real-time. Of particular interest then is also the development of AI based fluid flow solvers, as traditional fluid flow models are typically much too slow for real-time applications. We thank the NWO (the Netherlands), MeiTY (India) and Shell (the Netherlands) for funding the project. As part of the workshop the following talks have been scheduled:

11:00 Jan S. Hesthaven (EPFL): Digital Twins at the interface between modeling, measurements, and machine learning
11:45 Yogesh Simhan, (IISc Bangalore): IoT and Analytics for Social Good
12:30 Vineet Tyagi (IIT Bombay): Neural Networks for predicting flow parameters in a pipeline network
13:00 Amritendu Mukherjee (IISc Bangalore): A comprehensive study to understand the relationship of urbanization and  population density with GRACE ΔTWS for selected study regions in India during 2003-2017
13:30 Nikolaj T. Mücke (CWI): Reduced Order Modeling for Fluid Simulations using Deep Learning
14:00 Ruud Henkes (Shell): The role of simulation in leak detection for pipeline operations

The workshop times are CET, Central European Time.

This workshop will take place, on-line, via Zoom
[Meeting ID: 829 3419 0497, Passcode: 635310]

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You are very welcome to attend!

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The organisers
Shashi Jain (IISc Bangalore)
Nikolaj T. Mücke (CWI)