Ornamental Rosewood Tree – Jewels on a String

  •      Common name: Moulmein Rosewood
  •     Botanical Name: Millettia peguensis/ Millettia ovalifolia.
  •     Family Fabaceae or Leguminosae (Pea Family)
  •     A beautiful small tree. Is covered with pink flowers in spring and early summer.
  • ·  Native of the tropics and subtropics of Asia and Africa.
  • ·   Named after French Botanist J.L Millet.
  •   The small flowers hang in 5 – 7.5 cm long drooping sprays.
  •   Moulmein Rosewood is a small deciduous tree, planted mostly for ornamental purposes. It is really beautiful when in full bloom.
  • · It blooms with racemes of mauve pea-like flowers. Leaves are pinnate and leaflets oval in shape.
  • · This species is native to Lower Burma and Siam but it is cultivated in Burma, India and Pakistan.
  • · Flowering: March-April.
Currently blooming in the IISc Campus, took these pics at the Horticultural Garden and Nusery.

The IISc Campus is a Botanist’s Delight.

15th March 2018.