Sharing science and engineering through story-boarding

The Electrical Communication Engineering (ECE), department in IISc has begun a unique way of sharing science and engineering with people who walk on the street–quite literally. Located near a corner of the ECE department and the main road of the IISc campus is a large hoarding on which a poster is displayed time to time. What is on the poster is actually a story-board that captures profound scientific and engineering concepts in the manner of a comic-strip. An effort is made to explain the concepts in simple language and effective images. People who take a walk in the morning or evening stop by to read. Students, staff, and faculty who pass by take a few minutes to go through the content. What is shown in below are a few story-boards that had appeared in recent months. Prof. K. V. S. Hari may be contacted for more information about this effort.”

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grahambell (2)Alexander Graham Bell

Designed by:  H G Ranjani and Srikanth Raj.


marconi thumbMarconi 

maxwell thumbJames Clerk Maxwell : “The man who modeled light”
Designed by:  1. Sudarshan Nayak, 2. Nikita Ambasana,  with inputs from Dr. Dipanjan Gope.

fourier thumbImpact of Fourier Transform / Series in Signal Processing and Communication      
Designed by:  1. Venkatesh Gondipalle,  2. Debjyoti Ghosh,  3. Ranjani H G, 4. Neeraj Sharma,  5. Srikanth Raj Chetupalli,  6. Shubham Sharma

cvraman jcbose thumbRemembering the legendary  Scientists Sir CV_Raman & JC_bose
Designed by: Medha Dandu and Nikita Ambasana

shannan-thumbwhen Shannon met Gauss 
Designed by : Dr. Himanshu Tyagi

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