Twin-screw microcompounder for Polymer Processing

Ref: MT/SSB/2015-16

Tender Notification for the procurement of Twin-screw microcompounder for Polymer Processing at IISc (Last date for submission of tenders: July 20, 2016)

Dear Sir/Madam:

Please send your best quote (in two parts: (a) technical and (b) commercial in 2 separate sealed covers) as per the technical specifications given below, latest by 5 pm on July 20, 2016 to the undersigned.

Technical Specifications

  1. Main Instrument
  2. Twin-screw Microcompounder should have the provision to use both co and counter rotating mode.
  3. The barrel and screws should be wear and abrasion resistant to ceramic materials and metal particles.
  4. Also, the barrel and screws should be chemical resistance up to 450 deg C under different pH conditions.
  5. The instrument should be capable of efficiently dispersing nanoscale particles in polymer/soft materials, while integrating with an injection moulding instrument for preparing tensile and flexural specimen.


Following are the minimum requirements:


Mixing Volume: 10 – 17 ml

Power requirement:  230V / 50 Hz

Excellent barrel temperature control is required to prevent degradation via multiple barrel thermo couples.

The Micro compounder should be equipped with external cooling jackets system for rapid cooling to minimize the turnaround time between experiments.

In addition, the equipment should be supplied with Rheological Software providing screw torque in the melt and melt shear viscosity, shear rate, shear stress etc..

  1. Pricing: CIP Bangalore with quotes valid for 90 days

The above-mentioned technical specifications are highly desired. However, lower technical specifications may be considered if the above mentioned specifications are found to be unsuitable in financial terms. The Institute reserves the right to go for lower specifications taking into consideration its financial constraints and technical preferences.

 Terms and conditions:

  1. The vendor should have a track record of having previously supplied similar equipment in India.
  2. The vendor should have qualified technical service personnel for the equipment based in India.



Bikramjit Basu

Materials Research Center, IISc Bangalore-560012, India

(on behalf of the purchase committee)