The Beautiful Flowers of the SILK FLOSS TREE, now blooming in IISc

One of the premier flowering trees of this season is the Silk Floss Tree,Chorisia speciosa , named as such for its soft silky fiber surrounding the avocado-sized seed pods. This is one of the most spectacular flowering trees – a true stunner.

Native to the tropical climates of Brazil and Argentina. The tree comes with a formidable-looking set of thorns on the trunk.
Silk floss trees typically drop their leaves just before they put on their spectacular autumn display of large five-petaled flowers. The petals vary from pale pink to rose to purple or burgundy at the tips and grade into ivory with brownish spots or blotches at the base. After blooming, pear shaped fruits appear which have a silky floss on the seeds, hence the name.
Took these photographs of the Silk Floss Tree – currently in full bloom at IISc.

The Tree(s) are right behind the J N TATA STATUE – in the IISc Main Building.