Memorial Lectures



  • K. L. Rao,¬†The Modern Design of Dams¬†1961
  • V. M. Ghatge,¬†The Growth of the Aeronautical Industry In India,¬†1965
  • G . S. Kasbekar,¬†The development of Chemical Plants and Chemical Plant Fabrication in India,¬†1968
  • A. P. Kanvinde,¬†The Role of the Architectural Profession in a Socialistic Pattern of Society,¬†1971
  • M. M. Suri,¬†Scientific Education and Unemployment in India, 1973
  • A. Ramachandran,¬†Solar Energy – Challenges and Perspectives in India,¬†1977
  • B. D. Tilak,¬†Challenging Opportunities for Rural Development through Science and Innovative Technology,¬†1985
  • A. S. Ganguly,¬†A Retrospective on Industrial Research,¬†1987
  • M. M. Sharma,¬†Microphases for Process Intensification,¬†1989
  • A. P. Mitra,¬†Environmental Hazards- A Scientific Appraisal,¬†1991
  • S. K. Joshi,¬†My Incursions into Condensed Matter Physics,¬†1994
  • Y. K. Alagh,¬†The future of Science and Technology in India,¬†1997
  • V. K. Aatre,¬†Electronic Warfare – A Perspective,¬†2000
  • D. Subbarao,¬†Economic Crisis and Crisis in Economics: Some Reflections,¬†2010
  • M. K. Bhan,¬†Performance and Promise in Vaccine Development,¬†2013


  • A. D. Shroff,¬†Finance for our Industries,¬†1963
  • H. V. R. lyengar,¬†The Impact of Government on Business Management,¬†1964
  • P. L. Tandon,¬†The New Managerial Society,¬†1967
  • B. R. Shenoy,¬†National Savings and Industrial Finance‚ÄĒThe Indian Experience,¬†1969
  • Bharatram,¬†The Role of Science and Technology in Economic Development,¬†1973
  • S. Varadarajan,Scientists in the Management of Business,¬†1978
  • D. S. Kothari, ¬†Science and Self – Knowledge,¬†1979
  • P. R. Brahmananda,¬†Productivity in the Indian Economy,¬†1982
  • Manmohan Singh,¬†Planning and Markets‚ÄĒSome Lessons of Recent Experience,¬†1986
  • Hiten Bhaya,¬†Energy Prospects‚ÄĒA Challenge to Indian Science and Technology,¬†1988
  • P. K. lyengar,¬†Nuclear Power-Science and Technology in it‚ÄĒIn Retrospect,¬†1990
  • Viren J. Shah, The Management of Transition,¬†1993
  • Bimal Jalan,¬†Science, Technology & Development,¬†1998
  • Montek Singh Ahluwalia,¬†Critical Challenges for Economic Development,¬†2006
  • C. Rangarajan,¬†The Indian Economy: Challenges Ahead,¬†2008
  • Kapil Sibal,¬†Empowerment Through Education,¬†2010

   Sir C V RAMAN

  • S. Ramaseshan,¬†Sir C. V. Raman,¬†1978
  • Sukhdev, ¬†Research and Development in the Chemical Industry,¬†1980
  • C. N. R. Rao,¬†Man, Minerals and Microscopes,¬†1983
  • R. Narasimha,¬†Order and Chaos in Fluid Flows,¬†1986
  • S. Chandrasekhar,¬†Optical Phenomena in Liquid Crystals,¬†1988
  • Govind Swarup,¬†Radio Astronomy & the Structure of the Universe,¬†1990
  • M. S. Valiathan,¬†Cardiac Surgery – An Offspring of Experiment,¬†1992
  • V. J. Modi,¬†Satellites, Space Shuttles and Space Stations: Evolution and Challenges,¬†1995
  • Ramanath Cowsik,¬†My Meanderings in Search of Neutrino Mass,¬†1996
  • Narendra Kumar,¬†Quantum Zono Effect: Slowing Down of Reactions By Fast Perturbations,¬†1999
  • D. Balasubramanian,¬†Molecular and Cellular Approaches to Understand and Treat Some Diseases of the Eye,¬†2002
  • Michael E Fisher,¬†Molecular Motors- Observation & Theory,¬†2007
  • Michael Pepper,¬†Electrons in Semiconductor Nanostructures,¬†2010
  • Rolf Heuer,¬†The Search of a Deeper Understanding of our Universe at the Large Hadron Collider: The World‚Äôs Largest Particle Accelerator,¬†2013


  • G. Mehta,¬†Art and Logic in Organic Synthesis,¬†1990
  • R. A. Mashelkar,¬†Fascination of Non – Newtonian Fluids,¬†1992
  • P. T. Manoharan,¬†Molecular Ferromagnets: A New Challenge for Inorganic Chemists,¬†1995
  • Mihir Chowdhury,¬†Magnetic Field and Chemical Dynamics,¬†1998
  • J. F. Nixon,¬†Phosphorus: The Carbon Copy,¬†2002
  • Alan G. Mac Diarmid,¬†Electronic Polymers and Nano-Science,¬†2004
  • Ryoji Noyori,¬†Asymmetric Hydrogenation As Ideal Green Chemistry,¬†2006
  • Akihisa Inoue,¬†The Development and Application of Bulk Metallic Glasses,¬†2008
  • Richard J Saykally,¬†Water Music: The Latest Word on the Most Important Substance in the Universe,¬†2011
  • Ei-ichi Negishi,¬†Transition Metal Catalysis for a Sustainable and Prosperous World,¬†2013


  • C. N. R. Rao,¬†The Chemical Design of Materials – A Journey Through Half a Century,¬†2005
  • Srikumar Banerjee,¬†How the Design of an Advanced Nuclear Reactor Evolves,¬†2011


  • Vikram A. Sarabhai,¬†The Sun and Interplanetary Space,¬†1966
  • K. Venkataraman,¬†New Dyes for Old and New Fibres,¬†1968
  • S. Swayambu, Modern Trends in Electric Drive Systems for Industry,¬†1971
  • G. P. Kane,¬†1974‚ÄĒA Year of Crisis or Opportunity?,¬†1975
  • S. Krishnaswamy,¬†Energy Prospects for India in the International Environment,¬†1977
  • A. Sreenivasan,¬†Some Growing Points in Food Research,¬†1979
  • S. Ramamritham,¬†The Pharmaceutical Industry‚Äôs Need for Technology Improvement,¬†1981
  • L. S. Srinath,¬†Intellectual Honesty and the Spirit of Inquiry,¬†1987
  • T. R. Satish Chandran,¬†The Indian Economy-Some Disturbing Trends,¬†1989
  • R. Chidambaram,¬†Fascination at High Pressures,¬†1991
  • P. Rama Rao,¬†The Development and Application of Low Alloy Ultra High Strength Steels,¬†1993
  • N. Seshagiri,¬†Virtual Reality -an Emerging High-tech Discipline for Enhanced Perception in Scientific and Engineering Research,¬†1995
  • E. S. Raja Gopal,¬†Metrology: New Vistas,¬†1998
  • Ernst-Ludwig Winnacker,¬†Some Perspectives for Biotechnology,¬†2001
  • K. Kasturirangan,¬†A Broadband Space Observatory- A Unique Tool to Explore the Cosmos,¬†2005
  • Mohammad Hamid Ansari,¬†Lecture on the release of the Centenary Postage Stamp,¬†2008
  • Shivshankar Menon,¬†Science and Security,¬†2010
  • Subra Suresh,¬†Study of Human Diseases at the Intersection of Engg., Science & Medicine,¬†2014


C N R Rao Endowment Lecture


  • C. N. R. Rao,¬†Tall Oaks from Little Acorns: Birth and Growth of Solid State and Materials Chemistry,¬†24 Jan 2008
  • Andrew Viterbi,¬†The Foundations of the Digital Wireless World,¬†27 May 2008
  • M. S. Swaminathan,¬†Scientific Management of the Impact of Climate Change on Agriculture,¬†9 July 2008
  • Michael D. Fayer,¬†Watching Ultrafast Molecular Motions in Liquids, Molecules and Proteins,¬†16 July 2008
  • A. R. Ravishankara,¬†Ozone Layer Depletion and the World‚Äôs Response: A Model for Global Environmental Problems?,¬†2 Dec 2008
  • George Guy Dodson,¬†The Origins of Structural Analysis and its Scope in Modern Biological Research,¬†19 Jan 2009
  • Ronald Breslow,¬†Work on Organised Molecular Systems Leads to a Proposal for The Origin of Prebiotic Homochirality,¬†23 Jan 2009
  • Jean-Marie Lehn,¬†Perspectives in Chemistry: From Molecular to Supramolecular Chemistry Towards Adaptive Chemistry,¬†11 Feb 2009
  • George Philander,¬†The Hoax at the Equator that Elucidates the Ethical Dilemmas of Global Warming,¬†12 Mar 2009
  • Peter Wolynes,¬†Landscapes of Matter,¬†8 July 2009
  • Shaul Mukemal,¬†Multidimensional Spectroscopy of Biomolecules: From NMR to X-rays,¬†23 Dec 2009
  • Dennis P Sullivan,¬†Effective Models and Algebraic Topology,¬†24 Dec 2009
  • Venkataraman Ramakrishnan,¬†From Baroda to Cambridge: A Life in Science,¬†5 Jan 2010
  • Joseph Zyss,¬†Molecular photonics‚ÄĒFrom Concepts to Applications in IT and Life Sciences,¬†15 Feb 2010
  • Francis Collins,¬†Human Genome & Beyond,¬†3 Dec 2011
  • John Michael Wallace,¬†Climate-Related Extreme Events: Teachable Moments,¬†25 Jan 2012
  • F. Fleming Crim,¬†Controlling Reactions in Gases & Liquids,¬†15 Feb 2012
  • Kurt Wuthrich,¬†Exploring the Protein Universe with Physics & Physical Chemistry Techniques,¬†3 April 2012
  • Knut Wolf Urban,¬†Diving into the World of Atoms‚ÄĒPicometer Electron Microscopy,¬†6 Sep 2012
  • Roddam Narasimha,¬†Cloud Flows,¬†19 July 2013
  • Andre Geim,¬†Random Walk to Graphene,¬†6 Dec 2013
  • Jocelyn Bell Burnell,¬†Reflection on the Discovery of Pulsars,¬†9 Jan 2014
  • James Fraser Stoddart,¬†Radical Mechanostereo chemistry,¬†15 Jan 2014
  • Harold Varmus,¬†New Directions in Cancer Research,¬†21 Jan 2014
  • Richard N, Zare,¬†Detecting Reaction Intermediates in Solution and Guiding Cancer Surgery Using Mass Spectrometry,¬†5 Feb 2014


  • Jayant V. Narlikar,¬†A Critique of Big Bang Cosmology,¬†4 April 2008
  • Gulzar,¬†Saahitya ke Jharokhe se Vigyan ki Rangoli,¬†28 Aug 2008
  • Klaus Mullen,¬†Molecular Electronics,¬†23 Oct 2008
  • Sandip Pakvasa,¬†Neutrions: Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow,¬†2 April 2009
  • M. G. K. Menon,¬†Homi Bhabha‚Äôs life and work,¬†23 June 2009
  • M. S. Valiathan,¬†Vagbhata ‚Äď physician, poet and preceptor extraordinary,¬†16 Sep 2009
  • T. V. Ramakrishnan,¬†Superconductivity: Yesterday, today & tomorrow,¬†14 Oct 2009
  • Peter J. Gregson,¬†The technical challenges facing air transport in the 21st century,¬†26 Nov 2009
  • Charles M. Vest,¬†Engineering education in the 21st century,¬†19 Jan 2010
  • Eric A. Cornell,¬†How symmetric is the electron? Looking for out-of-Roundness of 10-15 femtometers,¬†5 March 2010
  • Uriel Frisch,¬†Turbulence: Scaling and beyond. Can field theory and statistical physics help?,¬†21 Dec 2010
  • Richard G. M. Morris,¬†The making, keeping and loosing memories,¬†16 Jan 2012
  • Harald zur Hausen,¬†Infectious causes of Human Cancers,¬†24 Jan 2012
  • Shinya Yamanaka,¬†Induction of Pluripotency by Defined Factors,¬†31 Jan 2012
  • Peter C. Doherty,¬†Science Protects Humanity: Adventures in Infection & Immunity,¬†12 Mar 2012
  • R. A. Marcus,¬†Electron Transfer Reaction Theory in Chemistry ‚ÄĒfrom the Isotopic Exchange Reactions of the 1940s and 1950s to the Modern Solar Energy Conversion Era,¬†8 Nov 2012
  • Vishwamohan Tiwari,¬†Technical Lecture in Hindi‚ÄĒAircraft Design in Ancient India,¬†30 Jan 2013
  • Michael Norman,¬†Discovering the First Stars and Galaxies in a Supercomputer,¬†29 June 2015


  • David Baltimore,¬†Micro RNAs in Inflammation and Cancer,¬†16 Jan 2008
  • Elizabeth Blackburn,¬†Control of Telomerase,¬†10 Feb 2009
  • Shinya Yamanaka,¬†New era of Medicine with iPS Cells,¬†30 Jan 2012
  • Huda Zoghbi,¬†A Journey from the Clinic to the Laboratory to Understand Brain Disorders,¬†27 Jan 2014
  • Eric Lander,¬†The Human Genome and Beyond: A 35-year Journey of Genomic Medicine,¬†27 Feb 2015