Lecture by Prof. Mrinal Ghosh and Dr. Sashi Jain in faculty Hall @ 3 pm

Location: faculty Hall

Dear All,

IISc-SIAM student chapter aims to encourage academic activities such as technical talks, lecture series, workshops etc., related to applied mathematics or areas which cooperate between mathematics, science and technology. We welcome you for couple of Public Lectures on Financial Mathematics. Please find the details below.

Date: 28th March, 2018 (Wednesday)

Venue: Faculty Hall, IISc

Talk 1: Prof. Mrinal K. Ghosh (Mathematics, IISc): 3.00 to 4.00 pm

Title: The Pricing of Corporate Debt via Options

Abstract: Following Black-Scholes-Merton we treat corporate debts as options on the asset of the company. We then use option pricing   theory to price corporate debts. We also compute default probabilities of a company

Biography: Prof. Mrinal Ghosh is a Professor in the Department of Mathematics, IISc . His main research interest is in the areas of Stochastic Control, Markov Decision Processes, Stochastic Dynamic Games,
Stochastic Hybrid Systems, Mathematical Finance etc.

Talk 2: Dr. Shashi Jain (Management Studies, IISc): 4.00 to 5.00 pm

Title: History of Mathematics in Finance

Abstract: In this talk I would like to cover the journey of mathematics in finance and briefly discuss some important milestones that helped in formalizing quantitative finance. Finally, I would discuss types of roles Quants/ applied mathematicians play in finance.

Biography: Dr. Shashi Jain is an Assistant Professor in the Department of Management Studies, IISc. His main research interest is in the areas of Computational methods in finance, Portfolio optimization,
Real Options etc.

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