Online Lecture by Anish Mokashi @ 4 pm

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This series will explore the journey of scientific discoveries. Very often, science is known only by its finished product. But the path is not revealed. Through these lectures, we attempt to unravel the processes of science, including the struggles and failures.

How a Dane in Paris chanced upon the speed of light and other tales from the heavens and the earth (Poster)

Abstract: Understanding the nature of light preoccupied the natural philosophers of yore as well as several Europeans following Galileo, whose work shaped science as we know it today. While I would mainly focus on how some of these researchers measured/calculated the speed of light in this talk, I think it is worth considering questions such as- Who were these people? What were they looking for? How did they go about their work? What technology or artisanal skills did they draw upon? How did they collaborate or learn from each other? What kind of a world did they live in? While touching upon some of the above themes in the context of the measurement of the speed of light, I would like to make the case for appreciating the history and philosophy of science (HPS) from both primary and secondary sources, to understand science as a process of creative and collective inquiry situated in particular societal settings.

Speaker: Anish Mokashi
Science Educator

Date: 7 September 2020 (Monday)
Time: 4.00 pm

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