Supercharging the Deep Tech Startup Ecosystem

Location: J N Tata Auditorium

Deep Tech @ IISc is an ongoing effort to bring together alumni, faculty, students of IISc, with the broader entrepreneurial ecosystem of deep technology companies. We at IISc have been part of several institution building efforts and Deep Tech @ IISc is one such initiative that will help take the pursuit and hunger to solve deep tech problems that are impactful to industry and society at large.

We celebrate technology in all forms. In this celebration we want to take along deep tech startup founders striving to take their missions to reality.

The Meet the Stars July event marked the ambitious start of IISc commitment to entrepreneurship and the Deep Tech ecosystem. We are now following it up with the Meet the Stars October event, which would include Deep Dives on select startup technologies, Deep Tech demos through the startups in the network, and enough room and time for discussions and networking with deep tech founders and IISc fraternity and the broader industry and investor community.