Workshop – “Valuation of ecosystem goods and services”

Location: CCE Lecture Hall

Forest ecosystems are critical habitats for diverse biological diversity and perform array of ecological services that provide food, water, shelter, aesthetic beauty, etc. Valuation of the services and goods provided by the forest ecosystem would aid in the micro level policy design for the conservation and sustainable management of ecosystems. Main objective of the course is to value the ecosystems goods and services. This involves assessment of total economic value (TEV) of the ecosystem considering provisioning, regulating, supporting and information services provided by the ecosystem. The workshop provides an understanding of
• the principles of ecosystem valuation with case studies
• improved knowledge of the activities covered in the course and their implications on environment;
• characteristics of factors that influence the environment and their adverse effects on environment;
• use of monitoring techniques and data processing in the affected environment; and
• the need to protect the environment from pollution and possible remedial techniques

The course will empower the candidates in (i) field data collection – Grid based monitoring (chosen for NES), (ii) spatial analyses – mapping and collection of attribute information, (iii) remote sensing data analyses, (iv) quantification of ecosystem goods and select services, (v) valuation of ecosystem goods – provisioning services. GSDP aids in the capacity building of unemployed youth (graduates – science, economics and engineering) and students pursuing PG /Ph.D, In-service working professionals (forest department, biodiversity board, and NGO’s). Interested individuals need to apply online –

The course will have 50% lectures and 50% hands on training (selected participants need to bring laptop with mouse, min 2GB RAM and 200GB hard disk free space)

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