Staff Pattern:

SMO, Officer In-charge                   01
Senior Medical Officers                   01
Medical Officers                              04
Authorized Medical Officers
(including Night)                             01
Consultants                                      08
Clinical Psychologists                    02
Area Medical Officers                    08


Deputy Registrar (Admin)            01
Personal Assistant                          01
MTS                                                   01
SAT (Temp)                                     01
OA (Contract)                                 01


Pharmacists(contract)                     03


Sr. X-ray Technician                       01


Medical Laboratory Technicians (OC)         03


Staff Nurse                                       02
Staff Nurse (OC)                            06
Ward boys                                        03


The Cleaning and Sanitation of the Health Centre is being maintained by a M/s BVG groups, a Private Contractor from 7.30 a.m. to 8 p.m.

M/s Sembramky Environmental Management Pvt. Ltd., an authorized agency, on regular basis, is disposing off the Bio Medical waste generated at Health Centre.

The Mosquito Control Measures program is being carried out in campus on regular basis by CCMD.