Heralding the onset of summer – The yellow trumpet flower tree

Tabebuia argentea also known as Tecoma argentea, or Golden Bell, Silver Trumpet Tree is a beautiful showy tropical flowering tree.

The Tabebuias are small, 15 to 25-foot tall, evergreen trees with silvery foliage and deeply furrowed, silvery/corky bark on picturesque, contorted branches and trunk. They belong to the  Bignoniaceae (The Jacaranda family) and are often called Trumpet Trees. They are native to the tropics and subtropics from Mexico to the Caribbean, Cuba and Argentina.

They put on a brilliant display composed of a multitude of two to three-inch-long, golden yellow, trumpet-shaped blooms borne in terminal flower clusters, heralding the onset of Summer.

Yellow Trumpet Flower Trees are currently in full bloom in the 400 acre wooded campus of the Indian Institute of Science, IISc, Bangalore. Locations (selected): Center for Nano Science and Engineering (CeNSE) Department. Physics (Physical Sciences Division) Department. Main Guest House.

Also, look out for these trees in full bloom, as they paint the city in Yellow, at the Cubbon Park, the boulevard from the BDA Flyover until the Cauvery Theater and other prominent parks and areas of Namma Ooru Bengaluru.


8th March 2018.