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Church Street First – Impact Assessment of Pedestrianizing an Urban Street in Terms of Quality of Life  –28/09/2021

Sulphur increases protein stability by repelling water from the polypeptide backbone  –21/09/2021

Fluid dynamics studies on homemade facemasks and non-invasive eye procedures  –20/09/20221

Cracking a century-old mathematical problem  –26/08/2021

Study reveals how genes influence leaf architecture  –23/08/2021

Leads for COVID-19 prognosis and therapy from nasal swabs  –23/08/2021

High-throughput screening and ML models for discovering novel insulators  –16/08/2021

Blocking a superbug transporter with a camelid antibody  –0/08/2021

Cartilage repair using high-strength hydrogels  –26/07/2021

ಶಾಖ-ಸಹಿಷ್ಣು ಲಸಿಕೆ ಮೂಲಕ COVID-19 ವೈರಾಣು ರೂಪಾಂತರಗಳ ವಿರುದ್ಧ ಹೋರಾಟ  –17/07/2021

CoviHawkes by StatsML@IISc –07/07/2021

ಹೊಸ ಉಷ್ಣ ಲಕ್ಷಣಗಳುಳ್ಳ ಹೊಸ ವಸ್ತುಗಳ ಗುರುತಿಸುವಿಕೆ  –07/07/2021

Designing the IZ4 Family of Spreading Codes for the NavIC L1 Signal  –22/06/2021

Multiscale digital twins and battles of mutant programs to study cancer  –22/06/2021

Enantioselective Synthesis of Difficult Indole Derivatives  –17/06/2021

Giving your co-programmer maximum leeway  –09/06/2021

Traditional dwellings are better suited for changing climate  –08/06/2021

Artpark launches X-ray Setu  –07/06/2021

The origin of Feynman diagrams: A new viewpoint  –04/06/2021

Eavesdropping bats take longer to capture crickets signalling in groups –02/06/2021

Novel insights into the structure of SARS-CoV-2 spike protein  –30/05/2021

Using roundworms to study skin diseases  –10/05/2021

Studying storms over the Indian subcontinent  –08/05/2021

Graphene nanoresonator as strain sensor  –06/05/2021

Catheter to sense obstructions in airways  –21/04/2021

How does chronic pain medication block noradrenaline transport?  –21/04/2021

How crystals nucleate from dilute vapours and solutions  –12/04/2021

Controlling molecular signatures in live cells using light  –09/04/2021

IISc researchers identify a new gene involved in eye development and disorder  –06/04/2021

Sensors that detect toxic mercury in drinking water  –01/04/2021

Butterfly effect in nanobiology: “Tiny triggers to Alzheimer’s Disease”  –30/03/2021

That obscure object of memristance  -25/03/2021

TB diagnosis using immune system biomarker  –22/03/2021

Unsteady shock waves at hypersonic speeds  –17/03/2021

Self-healing circuits  –19/02/2021

Nanofiber platform to study muscle disorders  –09/02/2021

Enabling Privacy-Compliant Delivery Drones  –04/02/2021

An armour protects and primes TB bacteria against an antibiotic  –03/02/2021

Comparison of Afrotherian proteins: Strength in numbers –25/01/2021

Where Deep Networks fail, and how we can save –06/01/2021

Differences in sugar levels drive breast cancer invasion  –05/01/2021

Cohesin helps maintain cell wall in budding yeast cells  –04/01/2021

Using phages to control mycobacterial infections  –29/12/2020

Droughts in India influenced by North Atlantic air currents –26/12/2020

A fluorescent way to evade UV radiation  –22/12/2020

Water layer at hydrophobic surface: Electrically dead but dynamically alive?  –15/12/2020

Avoiding aggression can lead to species divergence  –14/12/2020

Meet the new species of burrowing frog from Namma Bengaluru –26/11/2020

Electronics at the atomic limit: a multi-functional van der Waals tunnel diode  –24/11/2020

Unravelling signalling pathways in wound healing  –18/11/2020

Molecular cages that mimic enzymes and kill bacteria in water  –16/11/2020

A novel low temperature dynamic correlated paramagnet on a randomly diluted lattice –12/11/2020

Rising temperatures are leading to reduced water recharge  –11/11/2020

Has urbanisation led to increased precipitation in cities?  — 25/09/2020

Experimental method to overcome the hook effect in sandwich-type LFIA  — 23/09/2020

A promising alternative to lifelong HIV treatment regime –18/09/2020

Quantifying the spread of virus-bearing aerosols by atmospheric turbulent flows  –17/09/2020

A new spectroscopy technique for aqueous solutions  –14/09/2020

Is fluid friction enough for active ciliary oscillations?  –08/09/2020

IISc researchers develop low-cost, drop-on-demand printing technique  –04/09/2020

Assessing barriers in bacterial membranes –03/09/2020

A tug-of-war between two enzymes drives spindle forces in cell division  –31/08/2020

A novel method for live imaging of influenza infection  –27/08/2020

Robust nanostructures for EMI shielding  –24/08/2020

Self-supervised methods to perceive humans in the 3D world  –13/08/2020

Beetroot as biocontrol in mixed-cropping systems  –08/08/2020

Making robots flexible  –07/08/2020

Temporary tattoo sensor to monitor pulse and respiration rate –05/08/2020

Eye gaze-controlled robotic arm for the speech and motor impaired –22/07/2020

Hardness prediction from microstructures using machine learning –16/07/2020

A step closer towards a more effective treatment for osteoarthritis  –09/07/2020

A green separation method capable of giving high purity components –07/07/2020

Role of respiratory droplets during COVID-19  –03/07/2020

Nanomaterials as broad-spectrum antimicrobial agents  –29/06/2020

Photonic integrated circuit sensor measures chemical changes in microliter volume –19/06/2020

Achieving nontrivial spin textures in quantum materials –16/06/2020

Nanostructure design for antibacterial surfaces –08/06/2020

Tuning edge states in 2D topological insulators –04/06/2020

IISc team successfully completes prototyping of a ventilator under Project Praana  –04/06/2020

Gamma oscillations in the elderly human brain weaken with age  –27/05/2020

Plant virus-like particles for antibody delivery  –22/05/2020

Low-cost portable device for detecting melamine  –14/05/2020

If you cna raed tish your vsion si aewosme  –13/05/2020

Unfolding the connection between electronic and thermal transport  — 11/05/2020

Prawn exoskeleton – a rich source of efficient sunscreen filters  —  05/05/2020

Instantaneous reduction of graphene oxide using electric spark for wearable sensors  –01/05/2020

Devil in the details: Altered diffusion linked to AD — 22/04/2020

Unlocking the Lockdown in India : A city-scale study of Covid-19 — 19/04/2020

Novel diaphragm and micro-stylus based FBG tactile sensor  — 10/04/2020

High-throughput discovery of 2D magnets — 08/04/2020

Optimizing efficiency of quantum circuits –27/03/2020

Bacteria change swarming patterns to avoid obstacles  — 23/03/2020

3D inkjet printed model for cranioplasty implants  –18/03/2020

Using Raman microspectroscopy to rapidly detect disease-causing bacteria  — 13/03/2020

How do fish swim in groups?  –04/03/2020

Water vapour amplified monsoon growth since ice age —12/02/2020

N-doping in organic semiconductors  –10/02/2020

Developing next-gen metal additive manufacturing technologies –06/02/2020

In significant breakthrough, IISc team builds through-the-wall radar on tiny chip –29/01/2020

Soft materials allow scientists to study earthquakes in the lab  –08/01/2020

Halogen-bonding-mediated membrane transport of GFP — 27/12/2019

CEFC (I4.0India@IISc) Smart Factory at IISc  –17/12/2019

Snake venom study reveals troubling shortcomings in antivenom therapy in India  –11/12/2019

Tackling tuberculosis with an anti-malarial drug –21/11/2019

Efflux pump detection with a camel antibody –18/11/2019

The simple physics behind algal movement towards light –14/11/2019

Entanglement entropy & Conformal bootstrap –05/11/2019

A paper-based device for tuberculosis diagnosis  –31/10/2019

FDA: An attack to corrupt the core of AI models! –21/10/2019

An IISc scientist’s work on a local solution for water and power  –18/10/2019

How the fates of viral infections are decided  –17/10/2019

Indian paper wasps have their favourite places in their nests –14/10/2019

Trapping and moving tiny particles using light –14/10/2019

Uniparental mitochondrial inheritance  –10/10/2019

Strong coupling between nanoresonators –07/10/2019

Alexa, are you ready to join our dinner table conversation!  –30/09/2019

Electron-Phonon coupling limited quantum transport in phosphorene transistor –25/09/2019

Lysozyme is the elusive neuron intrinsic signal regulating (chronic) neuropathic pain  –18/09/2019

New IISc study sheds light on how a midbrain region helps us pay attention   –18/09/2019

GAN-Tree: A GAN framework for Generating Diverse Data  –16/09/2019

Artificial Pancreas for Indian Diabetic Patients  –16/09/2019

“Tale of two supers”: super-resolution microscopy meets supervised learning  –06/09/2019

Talking to giant atoms  –03/09/2019

Molecular Signal Jump: Translational readthrough in AGO1 mRNA across stop codon  –19/08/2019

Machine Learning based Model for Prediction of Lattice Thermal Conductivity with Unprecedented Accuracy –14/08/2019

A novel peptide to rapidly kill multidrug-resistant bacteria –01/08/2019

Hierarchical structures, strain-assisted nanofabrication, and optoelectronic spectral shaping  –22/07/2019

Moving closer to optimal hepatitis C treatment  –16/07/2019

India’s first e-mode Gallium-Nitride Power Transistor — 11/06/2019

Controlling brain rhythms using Neurofeedback  –29/05/2019

Super-resolution meets fluorogen binding tags  –16/05/2019

A superior, low-cost catalyst for water-splitting –14/05/2019

Better Soil Investigation by Energy Measurement during SPT  –13/05/2019

Predicting molecular mechanisms from nuclear geometry –09/04/2019

Origin of n-type conductivity of monolayer MoS2 –04/04/2019

Stretchable Self Healing Electronics –29/01/2019

Spin density localization facilitates intramolecular singlet fission  –23/01/2019

Water slaves protein dynamics by action at a distance  –18/01/2019

Making AI to explain its actions  –11/01/2019

Dial M(icrotubule) for Mitochondria  –11/01/2019

A Billion-Year-Old Gene Fusion Event   — 21/12/2018

Diversity in immunity protects against disease spread — 05/12/2018

Can AI enable robots to play social games?  –20/11/2018

Wind-farms are the new top predator in the food chain — 15/11/2018

Hardware Accelerated Atomic Structure Search for 2D Energy Storage — 15/11/2018

Interconnection between mesoscale cloud systems and storms– 26/10/2018

Designing next generation batteries by engineering mixed polyanionic cathode materials  –15/10/2018

Low cost wavefront measuring camera for quantitative flow visualization of high speed flows  –12/10/2018

H2S Dimer is Hydrogen Bonded Exactly like H2O Dimer! –05/10/2018

State of the art biofunctional titanium alloys for joint replacement –04/10/2018

From Expert to Amateur: A simple method to ‘fool’ your Deep Neural Net –25/09/2018

Understanding the dipole structure of planetary magnetic fields –07/09/2018

Attacking inflammation to counter morbidity in ageing and cancer therapy –06/09/2018

Atom-to-Circuit modeling tool to estimate the performance of 2D materials — 07/08/2018

Boosting the movement of fluorescent probes across the cell membrane -05/08/2018

Molecular hole punchers from bacteria that kill your cells  — 23/07/2018

Painting of microsupercapacitor  — 17/07/2018

Eye in the Sky: Drone Surveillance System  — 12/07/2018

Consensus Protocols for Realistic Distributed Systems –21/06/2018

Accelerated data-driven accurate band gap prediction –20/06/2018

Quantum Leaf for Artificial Photosynthesis — 12/06/2018

A ceramic with ultrahigh electrostrain  –30/05/2018

Adadepth  –24/05/2018

Smallest Band Gap Bulk Ferroelectric Material: Realising an Elusive Goal  –23/05/2018

Defects in CALCR identifies highly aggressive brain tumors  –21/05/2018

Submarine groundwater discharge traced in Bay of Bengal  –11/05/2018

Red induces strong gamma oscillations in the brain –09/05/2018

Pushing the transistor reliability and operating limits for efficient FinFET SoC Integration — 08/05/2018

EndoMimyk: endoscopy simulator developed in IISc  — 08/05/2018

Tiny lithium packs a mighty punch –27/04/2018

Friendship across species borders – Photo Credit: Rangu Narayan  –26/04/2018

iLIFE: Imaging Life with Light   –23/04/2018

A biomimetic nanoscale platform for organic solar cells   –23/04/2018

Magnetic nanomotors for cancer therapeutics — 04/04/2018

Curvature instability of chiral colloidal membranes –26/03/2018

Team of 10 water molecules holds insulin hexamer together –22/03/2018

Atomically Thin Gallium Layers Gallenene — 21/03/2018

IISc scientists make breast cancer stem cells in lab — 16/03/2018

Breaking the Boltzmann limit for low power nano-transistor   — 16/02/2018

Indian Paper Wasps Have the Best of Both Worlds! — 15/02/2018

Succession Without Conflict in Insect Societies  –14/02/2018

Nanomachine that measures physical properties of fluid on the go — 14/02/2018

Nanorobots as mobile nanotweezers — 29/01/2018

A duel between AMPK and Akt controls cancer metastasis — 18/01/2018

Cooperation and Division of Labour in a Social Wasp  –12/01/2018


Small Brains, Smart Solutions: Tree Crickets make Optimal Acoustic Aids — 27/12/2017

Etched aluminum surface kills drug-resistant bacteria –13/12/2017

Information flow in brain networks –24/11/2017

Chemically imaging the cell with devices made from DNA : IISc alumna Prof. Yamuna Krishnan awarded Infosys Prize 2017 in Physical Sciences –22/11/2017

Diffusion Controlled growth of A15 Intermetallic Superconductor–25/10/2017

Increasing Airplane emissions threatening the climate?–25/10/2017

Influence of the Earth’s mantle on convection in the core–24/10/2017

Probing the origin of the Indian Ocean Geoid low –19/10/2017

Exploring the Interior of Matter –13/10/2017

Counting drops in the sea of humanity — 21/09/2017

Fresh elephants’ dung reveals stress levels in wild Asian elephants –11/09/2017

Making common antibiotics powerful against tuberculosis –15/08/2017

Glasses can be topological insulators –02/08/2017

Termite on bed of glass beads, Photo Credit- Nikhil More –31/07/2017

Texture: the way forward in light metals –11/07/2017

A Novel BCL2 inhibitor as Chemotherapeutic Tool –27/06/2017

Drug combinations for hepatitis C –06/06/2017

Learning from insects: Engineering antibacterial nanostructures –29/05/2017

Current on the edge: IISc discovers a new electrical conductor –09/05/2017

Secrets of Polymeric Materials Buried in Sand –04/04/2017

PolyMage –14/03/2017

The Curious Case of Dynein: Regulation by Myosin I –04/03/2017

Fate of an Intruder in Colloidal Nanocrystals is Governed by Entropy –30/01/2017


Sickle Innovations’ apple picker harvests the fruit with minimal damage — 15/01/ 2017


Novel route to achieve hierarchical ordering of colloidal crystals –29/12/2016


The role of variability in Motor Learning –28/12/2016


Landscaping IISc Logo –03/11/2016