Featured Research

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Etched aluminum surface kills drug-resistant bacteria –13/12/2017

Information flow in brain networks –24/11/2017

Chemically imaging the cell with devices made from DNA : IISc alumna Prof. Yamuna Krishnan awarded Infosys Prize 2017 in Physical Sciences –22/11/2017

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Increasing Airplane emissions threatening the climate?–25/10/2017

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Probing the origin of the Indian Ocean Geoid low –19/10/2017

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Counting drops in the sea of humanity — 21/09/2017

Fresh elephants’ dung reveals stress levels in wild Asian elephants –11/09/2017

Making common antibiotics powerful against tuberculosis –15/08/2017

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Termite on bed of glass beads, Photo Credit- Nikhil More –31/07/2017

Texture: the way forward in light metals –11/07/2017

A Novel BCL2 inhibitor as Chemotherapeutic Tool –27/06/2017

Drug combinations for hepatitis C –06/06/2017

Learning from insects: Engineering antibacterial nanostructures –29/05/2017

Current on the edge: IISc discovers a new electrical conductor –09/05/2017

Secrets of Polymeric Materials Buried in Sand –04/04/2017





PolyMage –14/03/2017

The Curious Case of Dynein: Regulation by Myosin I –04/03/2017

Fate of an Intruder in Colloidal Nanocrystals is Governed by Entropy –30/01/2017

Sickle Innovations’ apple picker harvests the fruit with minimal damage — 15/01/ 2017

Novel route to achieve hierarchical ordering of colloidal crystals –29/12/2016

The role of variability in Motor Learning –28/12/2016

Landscaping IISc Logo –03/11/2016