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  • Women in Science
Women Scientists in IISc – Dr. Sanhita Sinharay  –19/07/2022
Women Scientists in IISc – Dr. Vidya Mangala Prasad  –13/06/2022
Women Scientists in IISc – Prof. Saskya Van Nouhuys  –03/05/2022
Women Scientists in IISc – Dr Shovamayee Maharana  –21/03/2022
Women Scientists in IISc – Dr. Sudha Kumari  –04/03/2022
Women Scientists in IISc – Dr. Garima Jindal
Women Scientists in IISc – Dr. Rajamalli  –01/03/2021
Women Scientists in IISc – Dr. Radhika Ganapathy  –08/12/2020
Women Scientists in IISc – Dr. Chaya Ganesh  –16/10/2020
Women Scientists in IISc – Dr. Swetha Veeraraghavan  –28/08/2020
Women Scientists in IISc – Dr. Purvi Gupta  –13/08/2020
Women Scientists in IISc – Dr. Soma Biswas  –22/07/2019
Women Scientists in IISc – Dr. Bhavana Kanukurthi  –29/05/2019
Women Scientists in IISc – Dr Vaishnavi Ananthanarayanan (Photo credit: Mr. Haridasan)–08/05/2019
Women Scientists in IISc – Dr. Pooja Singla   –03/04/2019
Women Scientists in IISc – Dr. Arpita Patra  –15/03/2019
Women in Science – Dr. Geetharani (Photo credit: Mr. Haridasan)   –13/02/2019
Women in Science – Prof. Gali Madhavi Latha (Photo credit: Mr. Haridasan)   –30/01/2019
Women in Science – Prof. Kusala Rajendran (Photo credit: Mr. Haridasan) –16/01/2019
Women in Science – Prof. Dipshikha Chakravortty (Photo credit: Mr. Haridasan) — 03/01/2019
Women in Science – Prof. Attreyee Ghosh (Photo credit: Mr. Haridasan) — 26/12/2018
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Founder’s Day 2023 –03/03/2023

Open Day 2023 –05/03/2023

A novel nanocomposite material for improved wastewater treatment  –27/12/2022

IISc Press Book release online @3pm  –25/01/2023

Six faculty members have been elected as IAS Fellows for 2023  –09/01/2023

Learning 2D magnetism from massive Monte-Carlo simulations  –05/01/2023

Using Electrical Stimulation for Accelerating Bone Regeneration  –04/01/2023

Harnessing the ability of nanoparticles to modulate immune cell activity  –02/01/2023

Removing the PCR in quantitative nucleic acid diagnostics –10/03/2023

Connect December – 2022  –30/12/2022

Paraspar Lecture by Prof. Viren Murthy @4pm  –30/12/2022

A novel nanocomposite material for improved wastewater treatment  –27/12/2022

Kernel Issue 5, 2022  –27/12/2022

Journal of the Indian Institute of Science Vol. 102 No.4  –26/12/2022

Harnessing the power of AI and Raman spectroscopy to identify disease-causing bacteria  –23/12/2022

Protein complexes that coordinate essential cellular processes during cell division  –22/12/2022

Germ-killing air filters using ‘green coating’ for ACs and air purifiers  –20/12/2022

Paraspar webinar by Argha Manna  15/12/2022

Release of IISc Press Book Ramachandran: A Biography of Gopalasamudram Narayana Ramachandran, the Famous Indian Biophysicist  -14/12/2022

Fractal patterns in graphene  –02/12/2022

Ayushi Chauhan awarded breakthrough of the year  30/11/2022

Detecting seizures and interpreting EEGs, the direct algorithmic way  –21/11/2022

Prof Mahesh Kakde is the winner of the Infosys Prize in Mathematical sciences  –18/11/2022

Paraspar webinar by Dr. Bitasta Das @4pm  –16/11/2022

Sensing pressure using paper  –09/11/2022

Alumni Reunion 2022  –09/11/2022

Bactericidal activity of plasma‐activated-water (PAW) against multidrug‐resistant pathogens  –04/11/2022

Protein synthesis in cells without a nucleus  –03/11/2022

Bacterial vesicles coated on gold nanoparticles to combat TB  -02/11/2022

Paraspar webinar by Ravi Jambhekar @ 4pm  –26/10/2022

In the wake of a cylinder at Mach 6  –21/10/2022

Honey Withering: Bacteria faces the first signalling in environment which determines its pathogenecity  –18/10/2022

IISc announces Distinguished Alumni Awards 2022   –12/10/2022

3D shaping of microscopic membranes that underlie cellular processes  –11/10/2022

Enhanced water evaporation from Ȧ-scale nanoporous graphene  –10/10/2022

Smartphone linked artificial pancreas for type-1 diabetes  –04/10/2022

Journal of the Indian Institute of Science Vol. 102 No.2  –03/10/2022

Organic molecules show entangled triplet-pair states  –20/09/2022

Connect September 2022  –29/09/2022

MXene transistor with intrinsically low resistive contacts  –27/09/2022

Porin-dependent protection of Salmonella from the host innate immune response  –10/09/2022

Fully-printed circuits on PET plastics  –01/09/2022

Orbital Engineering Molecules to Materials  –30/08/2022

Using GPUs to discover human brain connectivity  –26/08/2022

Kernel Issue 4, 2022  –16/08/2022

Point-of-Care Test for Sickle Cell Anaemia  –16/08/2022

Studying COVID-19 spread during short conversations    –12/08/2022

Har Ghar Tirang –14/08/2022

Using nanosheets to identify bacterial strain and drug resistance  –09/08/2022

Release of a new book entitled “Research Methodology for Natural Sciences” by Soumitro Banerjee –03/08/2022

Rapid Method to Detect SARS-CoV-2 Spike S1 Antigen 29/07/2022

Robots take cues from dancing bees and human gestures to deliver packages  –23/07/2022

Paraspar webinar by Ranjini Krishnan @4.00pm  –22/07/2022

Women Scientists in IISc – Dr. Sanhita Sinharay  –19/07/2022

‘Snapping’ footwear to help prevent diabetic foot complications  –19/07/2022

<em>Mtb</em> fitness relies on sulphur metabolism  –15/07/2022

RNA granules: Tiny dots with big impact  –14/07/2022

Convocation 2022  –08/07/2022

Miniproteins that can launch two-pronged attacks on viral proteins  –06/07/2022

Compact nanopositioning stages with large range and multiple degrees of freedom  –27/06/2022

Honourable Prime Minister inaugurates CBR and lays foundation stone for Bagchi-Parthasarathy Hospital  –24/06/2022

Journal of Indian institute of Science  –22/06/2022

Connect June 2022  –19/06/2022

IISc ranked India’s top University and Research institution  –16/06/2022

Tracking unusual properties in silver-gold nanoparticles  –16/06/2022

IISc ranked India’s #1 university and receives top score in citations per faculty metric of QS ranking  –15/06/2022

Kernel Issue 3, 2022  –14/06/2022

YouTube videos reveal how elephants react to death  –14/06/2022

Novel strategy to make fast-charging solid-state batteries  –06/06/2022

Symmetry Breaking Approach to a Unique Natural Product  –30/05/2022

Predicting field cricket call frequencies  –19/05/2022

Paraspar webinar by Anagh Purandare @ 4pm  –05/05/2022

Giant thermopower in magic-angle twisted bilayer graphene  –03/05/2022

DREAM for Protection of Airspace  –29/04/2022

3D bioprinting of tissues using natural biomolecules  –29/04/2022

Kernel-Issue-2-2022-banner.jpg  –26/04/2022

Paraspar webinar by Ekta Chaudhary @ 4 pm on 25-04-2022 –22/04/2022

Dry storage and transportation of samples for TB detection –22/04/2022

Connect March 2022  –19/04/2022

New phase of matter discovered in magic-angle twisted bilayer graphene  –06/04/2022

Pariksha pe Charcha with Honourable Prime Minister@11am  –31/03/2022

Paraspar webinar by Shubashree Desikan @ 4pm  –23/03/2022

Indian Institute of Science (IISc) inks MoU with Ajit and Sarah Isaac to set up Centre for Public Health  –18/03/2022

Using protein dynamics to study role of water in biological reactions  –15/03/2022

RapidET: A MEMS-based platform for rapid diagnosis of breast cancer  –09/03/2022

IISc Founders Day – 3rd March, 2022  –02/03/2022

IISc Admissions 2022  –18/02/2022

IISc receives its single largest private donation of INR 425 crore to help build an 800-bed multi-speciality hospital  –14/02/2022

Param Pravega: an NSM supercomputer at IISc  –04/02/2022

Studying animal vision in a naturalistic environment  –18/01/2022

Computational pipeline to search for 2D energy storage materials  –13/01/2022

Five faculty members elected as IASc Fellows  –05/01/2022

Breakthrough result in computational geometry  –04/01/2022

Connect December 2021  –27/12/2021

Kernel Issue 9 –23/12/2021

Indium selenide-based transistor as an artificial neuronal synapse  –20/12/2021

Interpreting ‘black-box’ machine learning to guide materials discovery  –16/12/2021

Paraspar webinar by Gita Chadha @4pm  –16/12/29021

Tracking the movement of the Indian plate since the last mass extinction  –10/12/2021

Tell-tale signs of cell state from the nuclear morphology  –29/11/2021

Effects of selective logging on epiphytes  –29/11/2021

Journal of the Indian Institute of Science Vol. 101 No.4  –25/11/2021

Paraspar webinar by Janaki Nair @ 4pm  –23/11/2021

The IISc UG iGEM 2021 team has received a gold medal for their project “CellOPHane” in the iGEM International Jamboree  –18/11/2021

Paraspar webinar by Prof. Raziuddin Aquil @ 4.00pm  –18/11/2021

Kernel Issue 8 –15/11/2021

Mayank Shrivastava & Sridharan Devarajan receive Swarnajayanti Fellowship Award 2020-2021 –08/11/2021

Ring-shaped MEMS-based piezoresistive force sensor for cardiac ablation catheters  –05/11/2021

Paraspar webinar by Dr. A. P. Ashwin Kumar @ 4pm  –05/11/2021

Cryo-EM visualization of membrane damage by bacterial toxin  –05/11/2021

A spate of new species of reptiles  –05/11/2021

Journal of the Indian Institute of Science Vol. 101 No.3  –03/11/2021

Novel insights into formation and structure of haemoglobin in sickle cell anaemia  –25/10/2021

Defects in 2D materials predicted to modulate water flow  –21/10/2021

MoU with Danfoss  –18/10/2021

A novel mouse model of chronic diarrhoea reveals the consequences of fluid-ion imbalance on gut health and functioning  –14/10/2021

Predicting the structure of microbial communities  -13/10/2021

IISc Distinguished Alumna/Alumnus Awards 2021  –13/10/2021

IISc faculty elected as INSA fellows and awarded INSA Medal for Young Scientists  –08/10/2021

IISc Press Book Release-Friday, 8th October 2021 at 12:30 pm (online)  –05/10/20212

Church Street First – Impact Assessment of Pedestrianizing an Urban Street in Terms of Quality of Life  –28/09/2021

Prof Amit Singh has received the Shanti Swarup Bhatnagar Prize in Biological Sciences, 2021  –28/09/2021

Connect September 2021  –27/09/2021

Convocation 2021  –24/09/2021

Sulphur increases protein stability by repelling water from the polypeptide backbone  –21/09/2021

Kernel Issue 7  –20/09/2021

Fluid dynamics studies on homemade facemasks and non-invasive eye procedures  –20/09/20221

IISc ranked India’s top University and Research institution  –15/09/2021

Digital Kids’ Zone 2021  –02/09/2021

PARASPAR webinar by Rajan Gurukkal @ 4pm  –01/09/2021

Journal of the Indian Institute of Science Vol. 101 No.2 published ONLINE  –31/08/2021

Cracking a century-old mathematical problem  –26/08/2021

Study reveals how genes influence leaf architecture  –23/08/2021

Leads for COVID-19 prognosis and therapy from nasal swabs  –23/08/2021

High-throughput screening and ML models for discovering novel insulators  –16/08/2021

Paraspar Webinar – Panjab: Journeys Through Fault Lines  –11/08/2021

Blocking a superbug transporter with a camelid antibody  –0/08/2021

PM’s Address on 29th July 2021  –28/07/2021

Cartilage repair using high-strength hydrogels  –26/07/2021

Kernel Issue 6  –19/07/2021

Fighting COVID-19 viral variants with a heat-tolerant vaccine  –17/07/2021

Paraspar Webinar by Prof. Debjani Banerjee @ 5pm  –14/07/2021

CoviHawkes by StatsML@IISc –07/07/2021

Identifying new materials with novel thermal properties  –07/07/2021

Paraspar webinar by Uday Balakrishnan @ 4pm  –24/06/2021

Designing the IZ4 Family of Spreading Codes for the NavIC L1 Signal  –22/06/2021

Multiscale digital twins and battles of mutant programs to study cancer  –22/06/2021

Enantioselective Synthesis of Difficult Indole Derivatives  –17/06/2021

IISc ranked world’s top research university in terms of Citations per Faculty  –09/06/2021

Giving your co-programmer maximum leeway  –09/06/2021

Traditional dwellings are better suited for changing climate  –08/06/2021

Artpark launches X-ray Setu  –07/06/2021

The origin of Feynman diagrams: A new viewpoint  –04/06/2021

Eavesdropping bats take longer to capture crickets signalling in groups –02/06/2021

Novel insights into the structure of SARS-CoV-2 spike protein  –30/05/2021

Kernel Issue 5  –27/05/2021

Paraspar Lecture by Prof. Srikumar M Menon –18/05/2021

Using roundworms to study skin diseases  –10/05/2021

Studying storms over the Indian subcontinent  –08/05/2021

Graphene nanoresonator as strain sensor  –06/05/2021

Institution of Eminence (IoE)  –21/04/2021

Catheter to sense obstructions in airways  –21/04/2021

How does chronic pain medication block noradrenaline transport?  –21/04/2021

Gadagkar – 2021 – Experiments in Animal Behaviour  –19/04/2021

Kernel issue 4, 2021  –15/04/2021

Paraspar webinar by Kaustubh Deka @ 4pm–15/04/2021

How crystals nucleate from dilute vapours and solutions  –12/04/2021

Controlling molecular signatures in live cells using light  –09/04/2021

IISc researchers identify a new gene involved in eye development and disorder  –06/04/2021

IIScPress Book Release  –06/04/2021

Connect March 2021  –01/04/2021

Sensors that detect toxic mercury in drinking water  –01/04/2021

Paraspar webinar @4pm  –01/04/2021

Butterfly effect in nanobiology: “Tiny triggers to Alzheimer’s Disease”  –30/03/2021

That obscure object of memristance  -25/03/2021

TB diagnosis using immune system biomarker  –22/03/2021

Paraspar Webinar @ 4pm  –17/03/2021

Unsteady shock waves at hypersonic speeds  –17/03/2021

Kernel Issue 3, 2021  –09/03/2021

Founder’s Day March 3rd 2021  –02/03/2021

National Science Day 2021  –28/02/2021

Journal of the Indian Institute of Science Vol. 101 No.1  –26/02/2021

IISc’s Distinguished Alumnus/Alumna Awards announced for 2020  –22/02/2021

Self-healing circuits  –19/02/2021

Nanofiber platform to study muscle disorders  –09/02/2021

Paraspar lecture by Mr. Nachiket Kelkar  –09/02/2021

Kernel February 2021  –08/02/2021

Enabling Privacy-Compliant Delivery Drones  –04/02/2021

An armour protects and primes TB bacteria against an antibiotic  –03/02/2021

Comparison of Afrotherian proteins: Strength in numbers –25/01/2021

Kernel January 2021  –18/01/2021

Paraspar Lecture by Jahnavi Phalkey  –18/01/2021

Where Deep Networks fail, and how we can save –06/01/2021

Differences in sugar levels drive breast cancer invasion  –05/01/2021

Paraspar Lecture by Indira Chowdhury  –04/01/2021

Cohesin helps maintain cell wall in budding yeast cells  –04/01/2021

Using phages to control mycobacterial infections  –29/12/2020

IIScPress Book Release by Director Prof. Govindan Rangarajan  –28/12/2020

Droughts in India influenced by North Atlantic air currents –26/12/2020

A fluorescent way to evade UV radiation  –22/12/2020

Paraspar Lecture by Mr. Amogh Sahaje  –16/12/2020

Water layer at hydrophobic surface: Electrically dead but dynamically alive?  –15/12/2020

Avoiding aggression can lead to species divergence  –14/12/2020

IIScPress Book Launch  –08/12/2020

Prof Arindam Ghosh receives Infosys Prize 2020 in Physical Sciences  –03.12.2020

“Swabs2Labs” hackathon  –03/12/2020

Kernel Issue 6, 2020  –03/12/2020

Meet the new species of burrowing frog from Namma Bengaluru –26/11/2020

PARASPAR : Webinar by Samira Agnihotri  –26/11/2020

Journal of the Indian Institute of Science Vol. 100 No.4  –24/11/2020

Electronics at the atomic limit: a multi-functional van der Waals tunnel diode  –24/11/2020

Unravelling signalling pathways in wound healing  –18/11/2020

Molecular cages that mimic enzymes and kill bacteria in water  –16/11/2020

Four IISc faculty members selected for Swarnajayanati Fellowship 2019-20  –12/11/2020

A novel low temperature dynamic correlated paramagnet on a randomly diluted lattice –12/11/2020

Rising temperatures are leading to reduced water recharge  –11/11/2020

Kernel Issue 5, 2020  –05/11/2020

New INSA fellows and INSA Medal for Young Scientists awardees  –23/10/2020

PARASPAR webinar by Hari Sridhar  –22/10/2020

Podcasts of IISc Research on Covid19  –17/10/2020

Journey of Discovery in Science  –15/10/2020

An indigenous ICMR-approved COVID-19 diagnostic kit  –07/10/2020

Kernel Issue 4, 2020  — 06/10/2020

CSA Golden Jubilee Frontier Lecture by Prof. Mark D Hill — 04/10/2020

Birth Centenary of Prof. Satish Dhawan on 25th September 2020  — 24/09/2020

Has urbanisation led to increased precipitation in cities?  — 25/09/2020

Experimental method to overcome the hook effect in sandwich-type LFIA  — 23/09/2020

A promising alternative to lifelong HIV treatment regime –18/09/2020

Quantifying the spread of virus-bearing aerosols by atmospheric turbulent flows  –17/09/2020

Kernel Issue 3, 2020  –17/09/2020

Online Lecture by Sudarshan Iyengar @ 4 pm  –15/09/2020

A new spectroscopy technique for aqueous solutions  –14/09/2020

Is fluid friction enough for active ciliary oscillations?  –08/09/2020

IISc researchers develop low-cost, drop-on-demand printing technique  –04/09/2020

Assessing barriers in bacterial membranes –03/09/2020

Online Lecture by Anish Mokashi @ 4 pm –02/09/2020

Inauguration of MITR Labs for COVID-19 testing  –01/09/2020

A tug-of-war between two enzymes drives spindle forces in cell division  –31/08/2020

A novel method for live imaging of influenza infection  –27/08/2020

Robust nanostructures for EMI shielding  –24/08/2020

Self-supervised methods to perceive humans in the 3D world  –13/08/2020

Beetroot as biocontrol in mixed-cropping systems  –08/08/2020

Making robots flexible  –07/08/2020

Temporary tattoo sensor to monitor pulse and respiration rate –05/08/2020

Prof. Govindan Rangarajan appointed new Director of the Indian Institute of Science (IISc) –01/08/2020

Eye gaze-controlled robotic arm for the speech and motor impaired –22/07/2020

Hardness prediction from microstructures using machine learning –16/07/2020

Journal of the Indian Institute of Science Vol. 100 No.3 – July 2020

A step closer towards a more effective treatment for osteoarthritis  –09/07/2020

A green separation method capable of giving high purity components –07/07/2020

Role of respiratory droplets during COVID-19  –03/07/2020

EECS Research Students Symposium –06/07/2020

Book by Prof. M Vijayan  –01/07/2020

Nanomaterials as broad-spectrum antimicrobial agents  –29/06/2020

Photonic integrated circuit sensor measures chemical changes in microliter volume –19/06/2020

Achieving nontrivial spin textures in quantum materials –16/06/2020

Journal of the Indian Institute of Science Vol. 100 No.2 (April – June 2020) –12/06/2020

Nanostructure design for antibacterial surfaces –08/06/2020

Remembering the Maharaja of Mysore, Krishnaraj Wadiyar, on his 136th birth anniversary –04/06/2020

Tuning edge states in 2D topological insulators –04/06/2020

IISc team successfully completes prototyping of a ventilator under Project Praana  –04/06/2020

Gamma oscillations in the elderly human brain weaken with age  –27/05/2020

Plant virus-like particles for antibody delivery  –22/05/2020

Low-cost portable device for detecting melamine  –14/05/2020

If you cnaraedtishyour vsionsiaewosme  –13/05/2020

Unfolding the connection between electronic and thermal transport  — 11/05/2020

Prof. Biman Bagchi wins prestigious awards and honours  — 11/05/2020

Prawn exoskeleton – a rich source of efficient sunscreen filters  —  05/05/2020

Instantaneous reduction of graphene oxide using electric spark for wearable sensors  –01/05/2020

Kernel – 2020  — 22/04/2020

Devil in the details: Altered diffusion linked to AD — 22/04/2020

Unlocking the Lockdown in India : A city-scale study of Covid-19 — 19/04/2020

Neurobiology of yoga and mental health — 17/04/2020

Novel diaphragm and micro-stylus based FBG tactile sensor  — 10/04/2020

High-throughput discovery of 2D magnets — 08/04/2020

Optimizing efficiency of quantum circuits –27/03/2020

Bacteria change swarming patterns to avoid obstacles — 23/03/2020

3D inkjet printed model for cranioplasty implants  –18/03/2020

Using Raman microspectroscopy to rapidly detect disease-causing bacteria  — 13/03/2020

Covid-19: Updates and IISc Response (Image Design Credits: Kaustubh Kadu) –11/03/2020How do fish swim in groups?  –04/03/2020

Founder’s Day 2020 –01/03/2020

Centenary Celebrations of Biochemistry –18/02/2020

Water vapour amplified monsoon growth since ice age – –12/02/2020

N-doping in organic semiconductors  –10/02/2020

Developing next-gen metal additive manufacturing technologies –06/02/2020

Open Day -2020 –03/02/2020

Six Faculty Members have been Elected as Fellows of Indian Academy of Science – 2020 –31/01/2020

In significant breakthrough, IISc team builds through-the-wall radar on tiny chip –29/01/2020

CSA Golden Jubilee Lecture by Prof. Avrim Blum in Faculty Hall @ 4.15 pm –27/01/2020

CSA Golden Jubilee Lecture by Prof. Peter Druschel in Faculty Hall @ 3 pm –27/01/2020

Journal of the Indian Institute of Science Vol. 100 No.1 (January 2020) –22/01/2020

Satish Dhawan Centenary Lecture by Prof. Roddam Narasimha  –20/01/2020

Soft materials allow scientists to study earthquakes in the lab  –14/01/2020

IISc signs MOU with USask to advance water security, climate science and policy issues –13/01/2020

Two day Workshop on Hydrogen Bonding –06/01/2020

Lecture by Prof. Rajesh P N Rao in faculty Hall @ 3 pm — 30/12/2019

Halogen-bonding-mediated membrane transport of GFP — 27/12/2019

Sethuraman Panchanathan nominated as Director of NSF  –23/12/2019

Journal of the Indian Institute of Science Vol. 99 No.4 (December 2019)  –20/12/2019

CEFC (I4.0India@IISc) Smart Factory at IISc  –17/12/2019

Snake venom study reveals troubling shortcomings in antivenom therapy in India  –11/12/2019

CSA Golden Jubilee Frontier Lecture by Prof. Pavol Hell in Faculty Hall @ 4 pm  –29/11/2019

Lecture by Prof. Alan S Goldman in IPC Lecture Hall @ 4 pm –25/11/2019

Tackling tuberculosis with an anti-malarial drug –21/11/2019

Efflux pump detection with a camel antibody –18/11/2019

Water – So Common, So Mysterious  –15/11/2019

Young Kalam Science Fest 2019-20- South Regional Final –15/11/2019

The simple physics behind algal movement towards light –14/11/2019

Prof. G. Mugesh receives the Infosys Prize 2019 in Physical Sciences –08/11/2019

Entanglement entropy & Conformal bootstrap –05/11/2019

IISc reaches out to remote village school for solar power supply –04/11/2019

Journal of the Indian Institute of Science Vol. 99 No.3 (September 2019) –31/10/2019

A paper-based device for tuberculosis diagnosis  –31/10/2019

Vigilance Awareness Week-2019 –29/10/2019

FDA: An attack to corrupt the core of AI models! –21/10/2019

An IISc scientist’s work on a local solution for water and power  –18/10/2019

How the fates of viral infections are decided  –17/10/2019

CSA Golden Jubilee Frontier Lecture  –15/10/2019

Indian paper wasps have their favourite places in their nests –14/10/2019

Trapping and moving tiny particles using light –14/10/2019

Uniparental mitochondrial inheritance  –10/10/2019

Strong coupling between nanoresonators –07/10/2019

INAE Fellowship awardees 2019  –01/10/2019

IISc Alumni Reunion – 2019  –01/10/2019

Alexa, are you ready to join our dinner table conversation!  –30/09/2019

Aninda Sinha receives the Shanti Swarup Bhatnagar Prize for Science and Technology 2019 in Physical Sciences  –27/09/2019

Electron-Phonon coupling limited quantum transport in phosphorene transistor –25/09/2019

Lysozyme is the elusive neuron intrinsic signal regulating (chronic) neuropathic pain  –18/09/2019

New IISc study sheds light on how a midbrain region helps us pay attention   –18/09/2019

Dedication to the Nation-Interdisciplinary Centre for Energy Research & Inauguration of National Centre for Clean Coal Research and Development  –16/09/2019

GAN-Tree: A GAN framework for Generating Diverse Data  –16/09/2019

Artificial Pancreas for Indian Diabetic Patients  –16/09/2019

Inauguration of Ladies Hostel and Mess Hall  –13/09/2019

Mr Premji : “IISc is the Birthplace of Wipro’s Computer Business” –13/09/2019

Convocation 2019  –09/09/2019

“Tale of two supers”: super-resolution microscopy meets supervised learning  –06/09/2019

Talking to giant atoms  –03/09/2019


Molecular Signal Jump: Translational readthrough in AGO1 mRNA across stop codon  –19/08/2019

IIScpress Book Release  –16/08/2019

Machine Learning based Model for Prediction of Lattice Thermal Conductivity with Unprecedented Accuracy –14/08/2019

Dr. Vikram Sarabhai’s 100th Birth Anniversary  –13/08/2019

A novel peptide to rapidly kill multidrug-resistant bacteria –01/08/2019

Hierarchical structures, strain-assisted nanofabrication, and optoelectronic spectral shaping  –22/07/2019

Moving closer to optimal hepatitis C treatment  –16/07/2019

J R D Tata Memorial Library  –01/07/2019

Exhibition of Stamps : Landing on the Moon  — 30/06/2019

Journal of IISc (Apr- Jun 2019)–21/06/2019

India’s first e-mode Gallium-Nitride Power Transistor — 11/06/2019

IISc goes Live with SAP S/4 HANA System — 10/06/2019

Controlling brain rhythms using Neurofeedback  –29/05/2019

Super-resolution meets fluorogen binding tags  –16/05/2019

A superior, low-cost catalyst for water-splitting –14/05/2019

Better Soil Investigation by Energy Measurement during SPT  –13/05/2019

EECS Research Students Symposium 2019  –10/04/2019

IISc ranked as India’s #1 university in the NIRF Rankings  –09/04/2019

IIScPress Book release  –09/04/2019

Predicting molecular mechanisms from nuclear geometry –09/04/2019

Journal Of Indian Institute of Science –08/04/2019

Origin of n-type conductivity of monolayer MoS2 –04/04/2019

Amulya Vimala Reddy Award Lecture by Prof S Dasappa –02/04/2019

Prof S Ramaseshan Memorial Lecture by Prof. Jean Francois Joanny  –02/04/2019

Archives and Publications Cell  — 21/03/2019

IISc Founder – Jamsetji Nusserwanji Tata  –21/03/2019

Open Day 2019  –25/02/2019

Launch of Digital Flora of Peninsular India –25/01/2019

Centre for Infectious Diseases Research – Infosys Wing inaugurated by Smt. Sudha Murty (Photo credit: Mr. Haridasan) –31/01/2019

Stretchable Self Healing Electronics –29/01/2019

Prof. Rohini Godbole receives the Padma Shri. (Photo credit: Mr. Haridasan) –28/01/2019

Spin density localization facilitates intramolecular singlet fission  –23/01/2019

Water slaves protein dynamics by action at a distance  –18/01/2019

Making AI to explain its actions  –11/01/2019

Dial M(icrotubule) for Mitochondria  –11/01/2019

A Billion-Year-Old Gene Fusion Event   — 21/12/2018

Diversity in immunity protects against disease spread — 05/12/2018

IISc signs MoU with Western Sydney University to promote neuromorphic engineering  –30/11/2018

Navakanta Bhat and Neelesh Mehta Elected to the IEEE Fellowship – 2019 –22/11/2018

Can AI enable robots to play social games?  –20/11/2018

IISc Annual Alumni Reunion – December 16, 2018  –19/11/2018

TIME2LEAP Summit 2018 for Visionary SMEs  –19/11/2018

Wind-farms are the new top predator in the food chain — 15/11/2018

Prof. S K Satheesh receives prestigious Infosys Prize 2018 — 15/11/2018

Prof. Navakanta Bhat receives prestigious Infosys Prize 2018 — 15/11/2018

Hardware Accelerated Atomic Structure Search for 2D Energy Storage — 15/11/2018

IISc UG team wins gold medal at iGEM 2018 –31/10/2018

Integrity pledge to be administered on 29th Oct. 2018 as part of Vigilance Awareness Week 2018 –29/10/2018

Interconnection between mesoscale cloud systems and storms– 26/10/2018

Panel Discussion –22/10/2018

Shoking! – Yet True …  –15/10/2018

Designing next generation batteries by engineering mixed polyanionic cathode materials  –15/10/2018

Low cost wavefront measuring camera for quantitative flow visualization of high speed flows  –12/10/2018

H2S Dimer is Hydrogen Bonded Exactly like H2O Dimer! –05/10/2018

State of the art biofunctional titanium alloys for joint replacement –04/10/2018

150th birth anniversary celebrations of Mahatma Gandhiji  –01/10/2018

From Expert to Amateur: A simple method to ‘fool’ your Deep Neural Net –25/09/2018

Understanding the dipole structure of planetary magnetic fields –07/09/2018

Attacking inflammation to counter morbidity in ageing and cancer therapy –06/09/2018

IISc alumni meet in Chicago (Photo credit: Tanmoy Pal) — 30/08/2018

Wellcome Trust DBT fellowships 2018 :: Mitochondria in HEK293 cells. Image courtesy: Vaishnavi Ananthanarayanan, BSSE — 08/08/2018

Atom-to-Circuit modeling tool to estimate the performance of 2D materials — 07/08/2018

Boosting the movement of fluorescent probes across the cell membrane –05/08/2018

Molecular hole punchers from bacteria that kill your cells   — 23/07/2018

Painting of microsupercapacitor  — 17/07/2018

Eye in the Sky: Drone Surveillance System  — 12/07/2018

Summer School in Optics And Photonics (SOAP) 2018  — 10/07/2018

IISc accorded Institution-of-Eminence Status by the Ministry of HRD  — 10/07/2018

Journal of IISc – A Multidisciplinary Reviews Journal –09/07/2018

IISc Convocation 2018  — 22/06/2018

Consensus Protocols for Realistic Distributed Systems –21/06/2018

Accelerated data-driven accurate band gap prediction –20/06/2018

Smart India –19/06/2018

IIScPress Book Release — 14/06/2018

Quantum Leaf for Artificial Photosynthesis — 12/06/2018

BSSE Annual Book-discussion  — 11/06/2018

A ceramic with ultrahigh electrostrain  –30/05/2018

Adadepth  –24/05/2018

Smallest Band Gap Bulk Ferroelectric Material: Realising an Elusive Goal  –23/05/2018

Defects in CALCR identifies highly aggressive brain tumors  –21/05/2018

Submarine groundwater discharge traced in Bay of Bengal  –11/05/2018

Red induces strong gamma oscillations in the brain –09/05/2018

Pushing the transistor reliability and operating limits for efficient FinFET SoC Integration — 08/05/2018

EndoMimyk: endoscopy simulator developed in IISc  — 08/05/2018

Tiny lithium packs a mighty punch –27/04/2018

Friendship across species borders – Photo Credit: Rangu Narayan  –26/04/2018

iLIFE: Imaging Life with Light   –23/04/2018

A biomimetic nanoscale platform for organic solar cells   –23/04/2018

Smart Cycles in IISc – Photo credits Mr. Haridasan –17/04/2018

The artist in the world –15/04/2018

Lecture by Cdr. Abhilash Tomy — 13/04/2018

EECS Research Students Symposium 2018  — 10/04/2018

‘Climbing Mt Everest’ with S Prabakaran__India On Our Mind: The Conversations –06/04/2018

Magnetic nanomotors for cancer therapeutics — 04/04/2018

IISc tops the NIRF ranking list 2018 — 03/04/2018

Curvature instability of chiral colloidal membranes –26/03/2018

Team of 10 water molecules holds insulin hexamer together –22/03/2018

Atomically Thin Gallium Layers Gallenene — 21/03/2018

‘India on our Mind’ an exhibition at IISc Bangalore  —-19/03/2018

Book Release by Prof. Anurag Kumar, Director, IISc –19/03/2018

IISc Centenary Lecture –19/03/2018

Institute Colloquium –19/03/2018

IISc scientists make breast cancer stem cells in lab — 16/03/2018

IISc Open Day 2018 –07/03/2018

IISc Open Day 2018 – Kids’ Zone –07/03/2018

IISc celebrates Founder’s Day on the birthday of J. N. Tata (photo credit: Hari Dasan) –02/03/2018

From seeds to blooms: the story of the IISc flower-show (photos: Sharath Ahuja; layout: G. Bharathi) –02/03/2018

IISc professors in “Ek pradarshini 2017” that features some of India’s best scientists –01/03/2018

Alumnus Vikas Sathaye receives award from Academy of Motion Picture Arts & Sciences, USA –27/02/2018

Conference on “90 Years of Raman Effect: Current Status and Future Directions”   — 27/02/2018

IISc Open Day 2018   — 27/02/2018

Golden Jubilee Lecture by Prof. Eric Maskin — 25/02/2018

Breaking the Boltzmann limit for low power nano-transistor   — 16/02/2018

Visit of Honourable Union Minister of Science and Technology to IISc — 21/02/2018

Indian Paper Wasps Have the Best of Both Worlds!  — 15/02/2018

Succession Without Conflict in Insect Societies  –14/02/2018

Nanomachine that measures physical properties of fluid on the go — 14/02/2018

Nanorobots as mobile nanotweezers — 29/01/2018

BSSE Research Symposium  — 22/01/2018

A duel between AMPK and Akt controls cancer metastasis — 18/01/2018

Cooperation and Division of Labour in a Social Wasp  –12/01/2018


M. J. Thirumalachar & M. J. Narasimhan Memorial Lecture –29/12/2017

Small Brains, Smart Solutions: Tree Crickets make Optimal Acoustic Aids –27/12/2017

Chetana – IISc’s outreach programme

Exhibitions on the Aerospace Engineering Department to mark its 75th Anniversary, and on the life and work of Satish Dhawan

Etched aluminum surface kills drug-resistant bacteria

Platinum Jubilee of Aerospace Engineering

Panel Discussion

Centenary Lecture

C. N. R. Rao Endowment Lecture

IISc team wins gold at iGEM in Boston

Winter arrives in IISc’s serene campus

Information flow in brain networks

Chemically imaging the cell with devices made from DNA : IISc alumna Prof. Yamuna Krishnan awarded Infosys Prize 2017 in Physical Sciences

Institute Colloquium by Prof. V. Venkataraman

Selfie time at the IISc alumni Reunion 2016; Register for reunion on Dec. 16-17, 2017

Dining in the mess, once again during alumni reunion 2016; Register for reunion on Dec. 16-17, 2017

Alumni strolling in the campus during alumni reunion 2016; Register for reunion on Dec. 16-17, 2017

Interacting with professors during alumni reunion 2016; Register for reunion on Dec. 16-17, 2017

Integrity Pledge on Vigilance Awareness Week – 2017 –30/10/2017

Panel Discussion on ‘Institutional Open Access Policy — 21/10/2017

Diffusion Controlled growth of A15 Intermetallic Superconductor –25/10/2017

Institute Colloquium by Prof. G. K. Ananthasuresh –25/10/2017

Increasing Airplane emissions threatening the climate? –25/10/2017

Influence of the Earth’s mantle on convection in the core –24/10/2017

Visit of Honorable President of India to IISc –20/10/2017

Probing the origin of the Indian Ocean Geoid low  –19/10/2017

Exploring the Interior of Matter   –13/10/2017

Institute Colloquium by Prof.Tushar Kanti Chakraborty –07/10/2017

Visit of Honorable vice President of India –22/09/2017

Counting drops in the sea of humanity — 21/09/2017

Fresh elephants’ dung reveals stress levels in wild Asian elephants   –11/09/2017

IIScPress Book Release  –02/09/2017

Making common antibiotics powerful against tuberculosis   –15/08/2017

Termite on bed of glass beads, Photo Credit- Nikhil More  –31/07/2017

BEST+: where engineering and MBBS students mingle as summer interns –21/07/2017

Glasses can be topological insulators   –02/08/2017

Texture: the way forward in light metals  –11/07/2017

Convocation 2017 –01/07/2017

The print edition of the latest issue of Connect, the magazine of IISc  –29/06/2017

A Novel BCL2 inhibitor as Chemotherapeutic Tool   –27/06/2017

May 27th: IISc’s Founding Day; IISc is 108 years old –20/06/2017

Drug combinations for hepatitis C   –06/06/2017

Learning from insects: Engineering antibacterial nanostructures   –29/05/2017

Current on the edge: IISc discovers a new electrical conductor  –09/05/2017

IISc is  ranked eighth among world’s small universities –07/05/2017

Journal of Indian Institute of Science co-published by Springer  –04/05/2017

Book Release and Talk  –01/05/2017

Secrets of Polymeric Materials Buried in Sand   –04/04/2017

IFFF (IISc Families and Friends Forum) “Spring Mela”

Centre for Contemporary Studies

IISc tops the NIRF ranking list 2017

The Curious Case of Dynein: Regulation by Myosin I   –04/03/2017

PolyMage   –14/03/2017

J. N. Tata Exhibition in the Faculty Hall (photo credit: Dr. Sharath Ahuja)Tata-slider

IISc Founder’s Day March 3rdTata-slider

CCE Creates an App for Working Professionals  –27/02/2017CCEApp

Saturday 4th March Open Day – 2017open day-web banner-24-2-17

Saturday 4th March Open Day – 2017open day-web kannada-web banner-02

IISc’s first director’s autobiography from IIScPressbookrelease-firstdirector

Applications for Admissions 2017 are openIISc_Admissions

Fate of an Intruder in Colloidal Nanocrystals is Governed by Entropy  –30/01/2017Ambariah_Ghosh

Verdant Campus – Aerial Picture from Drone Credit : S. N. OmkarIMG-20161030-WA0023

Sickle Innovations’ apple picker harvests the fruit with minimal damage  — 15/01/ 2017Sickle

Sharing science and Engineering through story-boardingSharingScience

Kernel 2015-2016kernel2016-slide

Novel route to achieve hierarchical ordering of colloidal crystals  –29/12/2016sood

The role of variability in Motor Learning   –28/12/2016puneetImg-edited

First National Tuberculosis Conference hosted by the Centre for Infectious Disease ResearchTB Conference Delegates

Landscaping IISc Logo   –03/11/2016VNinsignia1

IISc Alumni Day 2016Alumni Day 2016

Notebook Drive: An Education initiative of IISc Studentsnbd-3

Individuals and institutions contribute to IISccontributors

Climate Science Quiz at IIScClimate Science Quiz Collage

IISc ranked India’s top university

Infosys Foundation Funding for Infectious Disease Research at IIScslide-01



September 2016 issue of CONNECT, IISc’s Quarterly magazineslide-connect

October 1st 2016 Birds day @IIScslide-birdsofiisc

Arting Scienceslide-artingscience

The recently constructed Main Gate of IISc’s new campus at Challakere in Chitradurga district, Karnataka

The vibrant and verdant campus of IISc